Class Schedule


Mondays: 12:05 PM Yoga Flow, 6:30 PM Yoga Flow

Tuesdays: 12:05 PM Yoga Flow, 4:00 PM Yoga For Cancer Survivors, 5:30 PM Yoga Flow/Meditation (90 minute class)

Wednesdays: 12:05 PM Yoga Flow, 5:00 PM Gentle Yoga

Thursdays:  12:05 PM Yoga Flow, 5:30 PM Power Vinyasa w/Josh 

Fridays: 12:05 PM YIN

Saturdays:  10:00 AM Yoga Flow (starts Oct. 4)

Sundays:  5:00 PM Yoga Flow w/Alexa

CLOSED: November 5, 8, 14, 15, 17-19, 21, 22, 26-29


Home of $5 Yoga

 $5 drop-in class

$50 for a month of unlimited yoga

*class cards can be purchased at $5/class with no expiration date*

cards are good for all classes!

BDY Studio

740 Front Street #2B, Helena, Montana

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class descriptions:


Yoga Flow: Flow emphasizes fluid movement with fewer details given to each pose. The class links breath and movement through a continuous flow of sequential poses building internal heat and improving strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health. This is a vigorous, exhilarating, all over workout designed to tone and stretch the whole body. Followed by meditation on Tuesdays (90 minute class on Tuesdays).

Gentle Yoga: A slower paced class focusing on gentle movements, breath, and restorative poses.

Yin Yoga:  Long held, passive poses create deep release in the body.  This is a very soothing and quiet class.

Yoga For Cancer Survivors:  This class explores gentle asana, pranayama, meditation, and restorative poses.  As a part of the St. Peter's Cancer Support Partnership the class is offered at no charge.  

Kick ASSana: This class is just for fun!  A challenging class set to funky music.  Expect some arm balances, maybe inversions, and lots of sweat. Yoga experience is recommended.  

Power Vinyasa:  For those seeking a more vigorous yoga flow.  Expect to build a lot of heat and sweat!  Yoga experience recommended. Taught by Josh. 


tips for a happy class:

  • BDY encourages beginners to try yoga! Bring an open mind and the sincere desire to try something new. Please respect your limitations and listen to your body. If you need to come out of a pose or rest, respect your body’s need to do so.
  • You determine the intensity with which you work in each pose. BDY will show you how to work with your edge and feel a deep inner and physical strength. The teacher is a guide, but the experience is your own.
  • Many people are discouraged from trying yoga because they think they are not “flexible enough”. Yoga will help you develop flexibility. The more you practice the more your range of motion will increase. The only initial flexibility you need is in your mind. Be willing to try to something new.
  • Please wear clothing that is comfortable and allows for a wide range of movement. Constantly tugging at your clothing is a sure way to shatter inner focus! Yoga is practiced with bare feet. Remove your shoes as you enter the studio (and turn off your phone!). 
  • It is recommended to wait a few hours after a large meal before practicing. A full belly will be uncomfortable. Please feel free to bring water to class. Filtered water is available but you will need your own water bottle.
  • Before class starts some students choose to stretch or to meditate. Please be respectful and talk softly.